Bachelor of Art Psychology -Morehouse College ‘2008

Master Of Divinity- Claremont School of Theology ‘2011

Here at the TaylorMade School of Music, we believe that the creative process is both spiritual and psychological! Jason’s teaching method unpacks those realms for the student, which gives them an enriched reality and a familiar environment for them to create most affectively. We desire to not just develop great musicians, but great human beings that subsequently experience an even greater quality of life. 


Our Psychological approaches-  

  • Behaviorist Approach- Study of how environmental factors affect one's behavior/creativity
  • Humanist Approach (also known as humanism) Study of the whole person.
  • Psychodynamic Approach- Study of the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Cognitive Approach- The study of how a person learns, perceives, processes, retains and imputes information

Our Spiritual approaches- 

  • Self esteem enrichment- Enhancing a person’s confidence and value levels
  • Awareness- We believe people learn how to genuinely create, by learning themselves! 
  • Meditations- We guide our students to be one with themselves and their creative spirit 
  • Counseling- We are available not only as a music entity, but as a support systemAt Taylomade, we care about our students and pride ourselves in the amount of presence we provide.