If you desire to enhance your songwriting & music skills, we can help! We will equip you to be successful in music creativity.

Our primary focus at the TaylorMade School of Music is our students. We work directly with you to find out what excites you about music and creativity. When you sign up for our TaylorMade One-on-One program we immediately set up a unique syllabus for your musical goals. Our Team has a deep understanding for musical skills that will help you to succeed in your creative goals. Below you can explore the different aspects of music education that we offer here. Pick any and all topics that interest you and we will work to create a plan that is right for you. Don't see what your looking for? Let us know if there is something else you'd like to learn and we're sure that we can help you to achieve it.

***New Year Special***

Get one FREE recording session when you sign up for at least 4 One-on-One Classes!!

We include a recording session with the first four weeks of your TaylorMade One-on-One class. We promise that we can help you to Create a finished recorded track in just 4 weeks. This includes FREE production! We also offer 1 Free Studio session for all students that sign up for the TaylorMade One-on-One Program.

Classes Offered:

We teach Music for all genres


Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, Soul, Alternative Soul, Inspirational- CCM/Gospel, Reggae, New Age, Trap/Rap, Singer-Songwriter, Spoken Word, Vocal, World, and much more! Although music has been classified into genres, we believe that all music is ONE. We will help you develop a deeper relationship with music and acquaint you to the genre/genres that you desire. We specialize in merging genres!



Be Successful in Music Creativity


        As humans we have been given the wonderful ability to dream, imagine, wonder, and create. We teach every student how to excavate their natural creative power into unique songs that speak to themselves, and everyone around them. We strive to use songwriting as a journey towards being whole as a person and united with the realm of the psychological, the emotional, the spiritual, and the physical.



Get connected with the people 


    Being connected and “the performance of presence” are the agenda for this facet of our program. There are many illusions that become debilitating barriers in every performer at one time or another. We will show you how to eliminate those barriers, and ultimately strengthen your connectedness with the audience, with yourself and your music.


We specialize in bringing your creations to life. There are many musicians and songwriters who start beautiful works, yet get stuck and are unable to complete their works. This is also known as writers block. We take what you already have, and help you transform it into something musically magical. This class is offered to songwriters, music producers, poets, etc. 

Take your performance to the next level


How you perform a song will make or break that song. It is a musician's responsibility to not just have a good song, but also have an engaging and captivating performance. We will help you to accomplish your performance goals. We will work to make you comfortable within your own skin, competent in your performance, and impactful in your delivery.



Improve your skills for lasting creative potential


Generally, those who write and produce music have some level of piano/keyboard performance skills. In many cases, the stronger their piano ability, the more effective they will be as a musician. We will help you to be proficient in playing any keyboard-based instrument you desire. We also have the means to teach you virtually any other instrument you desire to learn. Our classes are experiential and extremely practical for the mainstream/ independent music industry.



Learn proper vocal technique for the studio and the stage


     The vocals provide a means where the lyrics can be heard. Vocal ability in the recording of a song also determines how well the song will be received. Vocal placement also creates the tone of the song. We will help you with all your vocal needs and show you how to be vocally successful both during live performances, and in the studio.  



Learn how to make a finished recorded track in just 4 weeks


     Every song needs music production. We will train you with the skills to use industry standard Software and Equipment. We will teach the fundamentals of sound engineering and show you the tools to create a great song. We will work with anyone at any skill level looking to improve as a creative.



Healing Through Expression


Bachelor of Art Psychology -Morehouse College ‘2008

Master Of Divinity- Claremont School of Theology ‘2011

We are equipped to teach music, and we are equipped and ready to provide Psychological and Spiritual therapy to you! The advantage of our program is that it allows you to develop as a person, in parallel with your development as a creator. At TaylorMade, we understand life can be tumultuous at times, and you may just need a support system. We try our best to be present for you, and your family. We provide the best therapy for your needs!