Interested in Creating Music with your Family and Friends?

An important part of TaylorMade School of Music is "The Family". Our monthly community class is taught by Jason. Have you imagined a place where families come and write songs together? Now you have, and it excites us to provide that place. This class is for friends, family, and curious individuals who want to experience what the TaylorMade family has to offer. Work as a group to create and explore. We strive to be an integral part of the community by increasing cooperation and communication between each other. Jason created this class specifically to encourage parents to be a part of the creative process with their children and family. We love that we get to inspire the entire family all at once. This service is offered every month in our Southern California host location. Sign up your family, group, or organization today.

Special Offers:

We are very excited to offer a 20% discount to all families looking to participate

Your first One-on-One lesson is 50% off when you sign up for "The Family"