Founder: Jason Taylor 


What made you create TaylorMade School of Music? 


I grew up in a home where there weren’t any instruments, so I was forced to be creative since music seemed to be trapped in the body of my brain. My grandmother would take us to church a lot. While I was sitting there, I would mimic the organ player by protruding my body left to right, and treating the bench I was sitting on like it was am instrument. I would then go home and commit the same crime on her nice white walls. Needless to say, I couldn’t continue that hobby. My grandmother bought me a keyboard, which gave me an outlet to create and practice, and the rest seems like a time machine. As I travel all around the world, around the country, or simply look at social media I quickly realize that we are in no shortage of musicians & "celebrity" to entertain us. We are however, in a shortage of inspiration, creativity, and a sincere devotion to our creative spirit. As our public school systems across America face financial trimmings, out have gone many of our wonderful music programs that were once plenteous. It is my belief that as a result, we have seen costly side effects within our homes and communities. I created this program to affect change within and throughout our society. It’s my passion to teach music creation from a psychological and spiritual worldview. If we can touch the psyche and inspire the soul, then we have already accomplished our task. I desire for us to think, imagine, dream, hope, wonder, and create the very thing we never imagined we’d create. Whenever this happens, I see the amount of joy and happiness that fills people’s faces and I want to be a part of providing that constant happiness to them and others!  This school will give hope to the creative soul, and demonstrate that there are no limits to how far a person can go. 



Strengthening home through creativity  

    I have witnessed many music entities try their best to provide effective music, yet they  struggle because they don’t have the help to teach and strengthen them to become better. This is the result of our neglect for our home communities. I saw this as a vicious cycle, which needed to be addressed. I desired to provide a place where kids can be exposed to something uplifting, creative, and positive. I also wanted to create a place for their parents to become a part of their growth and development. I asked the question “Why do we inspire kids, yet send them back to un-inspired homes, expecting massive changes?” I then felt the need to provide a place where we could accomplish that!

    Lastly, I have had the opportunity to sit with amazing individuals who haven’t written songs before, yet they desire to. Some aren’t musicians, and still desire to create something magical. After helping them to do so, seeing their gratitude, I knew that I had to devote my work to helping others do the same. This gives me the greatest joy imaginable knowing we get to create with you, and it’s our honor to provide this service to you as you flourish in your creativity.